1. What is OXYwatt?
OXYwatt is 95% clean oxygen,5% is sterile atmospheric air in a light, easy to use can. This product is used as an addition to shorten recovery time after exercise, it works well in the areas with high air pollution, and furthermore, it softens the effects of the next day syndrome (hangover) and significantly improves general well-being.

2. How many breaths can you make with one can?
5 litters of oxygen in the OXYwatt container suffices for about 80-100 deep breaths. You can take one three-second deep breath depending on your liking.

3. What are the benefits of inhaling oxygen?
Oxygen is not only an essential element for sustaining life. The appropriate amount of oxygen significantly improves mental acuity, muscle strength, blood flow, body condition, vitality, general well-being and reduces stress.

4. How many breaths should I take during a single inhalation?
3-5 breaths during one session. The amount and frequency of breaths depends entirely on your unique profile, which covers such elements as body weight, overall level of physical activity as well as personal needs.

5. How to use the OXYwatt product?
- Take off the mask from the container.
- Rotate the mask by 180° and place it on the valve of the container.
- Put the mask on your face to cover your mouth and nose.
- Press the lever for about 2 seconds and inhale the released oxygen at the same time.
- For best results, hold oxygen in your lungs for about 2-3 seconds.
- Apply 3-5 breaths in one session.

6. How do I know when to replace my OXYwatt container with oxygen?
There is no specific indicator of the oxygen used or remaining in the container as this would result in increased weight and production costs. It can be noticed that the pressure decreases with every inhale. The absence of any air stream indicates the wear of the product. 

7. Is OXYwatt product flammable?
Oxygen itself is not flammable but in combination with fire accelerates and supports the reactions that occur during combustion. 

8. Can I take OXYwatt product on the board of a plane?
Unfortunately, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not allow to transport oxygen in a can by air. 

9. Why is OXYwatt considered a hangover remedy?
Alcohol can remain in blood for even several hours after ingestion. That is why, waking up the next day, we feel discomfort, headaches, nausea and malaise. Lots of these symptoms are caused by the lack of appropriate amount of oxygen, which is essential for the decomposition of toxins, and accelerates their excretion from the body. 

10. How much does OXYwatt cost?
One 5-litre OXYwatt can with oxygen costs PLN 18.90.
A carton containing 12 pieces of product costs PLN 208.99.

11. Where can I buy oxygen in the OXYwatt can?
Our product is available in our Internet shop, CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE INTERNET SHOP
In addition, OXYwatt is available at Amazon Europe. 

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12. Where can I address any questions regarding the OXYwatt product?
Please email any questions to: info@oxywatt.com or send us a message via the contact form located in the  CONTACT  

13. Why oxygen in the OXYwatt can so light?
The weight of the container may create the impression that it is empty, however, it is caused by extremely low oxygen weight in the package. 

The small weight of the container is a great advantage when carrying it around.