Oxywatt - Health and Well-being

Damage to skin cells, flabbiness, age spots, wrinkles - all this can be improved when we improve blood circulation, oxygen-rich and bring it to the most peripheral areas of our body. What is more, we will also get increased production of collagen and elastin and we will improve metabolism, which is our ally in the fight against unnecessary kilograms. Our sleep will become calm and deep, and in this way we will rest our brain cells, turning them into the idle speed.

Oxygen is used in a wide range of health problems, cerebral stroke, poor functioning of intestine, while treating stress, detoxification of the body and to improve well-being. It is also used to speed healing of wounds and injuries. Therapeutic doses of oxygen will help us in getting rid of skin infections such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff as it acts as an anti-inflammatory measure.

The question is, if it is so good, why do not we just breathe oxygen? Well man is adapted to breathe a mixture of gases. Nitrogen and oxygen constitute 99%, and the eight elements make up the remaining 1%.

Living in constant stress, illnesses, drugs, air pollution with heavy metals, climate warming - these are the factors that interfere with this structure, to the detriment of oxygen. As a result of poor air quality, we become irritated and apathetic, and we are more likely to be affected by various types of illness. Oxygenated blood will help us combat undesired symptoms so that irritability and weakness will be changed into a smile and willingness.

So let us take care of what we breathe in.


arrow2.jpgHeight and weather

As the height increases, the air is diluted. Although the oxygen concentration remains the same - 21%, the amount of oxygen molecules taken with each breath is less. This is why at high altitude the breath is accelerated, you may feel nausea, headache, dyspnoea, insomnia, apathy or fatigue. As many as 40% of people at high altitude experience these symptoms. That is why the National Health Service (UK), EB MD and eMedicineHealth, like other sources, recommend oxygen supplementation as one of the ways to combat the symptoms caused by diluted air.
Percentage of oxygen depending on altitude:

Weather factors also influence the oxygen content in the air. During heat as well as at low atmospheric pressure, the air dilutes, providing less oxygen to the body. That is why many people complain to feel bad because of low pressure.


Aromatherapy combines science with art and beauty, using natural plant essences to restore balance and harmony. This helps us to improve our body, mind and spirit. OXYWATT is available in one of two flavours used in aromatherapy: pink grapefruit and refreshing mint.