A morning after drinking alcohol is often not the most pleasant thing. Popular ways to cope with it in urban legends are, for example, drinking a glass of tomato juice, 1-2 tablespoons of honey, water, a cup of sweetened tea with lemon, a cup of coffee, taking a shower with hot and cold water alternately, re-consuming alcoholic beverages in symbolic amount.
But when we seek an effective and tested method, we can draw on from the experience of all those who have access to pure oxygen.


Smog is a civilization problem related to clean air that we breathe on every day. The quality of air in Poland systematically deteriorates, especially in autumn and winter. They are the Polish cities that got the first place in the list of the most decadent cities in Europe according to the World Health Organization report.
The worst element of smog are PM2.5 suspended particulates. These are particles with a diameter less than 2.5 micrometres. They represent the greatest health risk. Because of their size, our natural filter system is not able to catch them. They penetrate the upper respiratory tract, capillaries and alveoli, where oxygen is exchanged with blood.

Their source is fuel combustion, including low emission, such as burning poor quality coal or rubbish in furnaces, industrial plants, road traffic, particularly diesel vehicles, dust coming from using tires, brakes and asphalt.

Carbon monoxide, another of the air pollutants, binds to haemoglobin and prevents transportation of oxygen in the body.

Thanks to OXYwatt, now everyone can have clean air right at hand so that you can clean your airways from harmful substances.