Why oxywatt?


A human is able to survive 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but only 3 minutes without oxygen.

OXYwatt is 5 litres of oxygen pressurized up to 10 bars to be placed in a lightweight and handy can with a capacity of only 0.5L. Such a high gas compression was achieved by using the highest quality components: German valves and Swiss containers with antibacterial gold coating on the inside.
Thanks to a specially designed mask, the oxygen pressure during the installation is reduced to a level that is safe for the respiratory tract of the user.
The product is composed of only three, 100% natural ingredients:

  • 95% of pure oxygen
  • 5% of inert gas
  • natural mint or grapefruit oil for greater comfort of use, and as a fill level indicator of a can.

Just a few breaths to feel like a new-born. Insomnia or stress? With OXYwatt it belongs to the past already! Providing oxygen to the body helps to relax as it slows down the pulse and lowers blood pressure within minutes, and this will allow you to fall asleep with a peaceful, blissful sleep. It will also provide increased concentration and improve memory during an exam or while learning. OXYwatt will help to rebuild vigilance and attention during long monotonous journeys so that all passengers will be safe during the journey. There is no need to worry about the morning hangover after a crazy party night, as the more oxygen you dose, the sooner the alcohol will be eliminated. Three molecules of of oxygen helps to remove one molecule of alcohol.