with the natural aroma of refreshing mint or juicy grapefruit

A research project accepted by the Bioethical Commission for Research at the Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice

"OXYwatt won gold and silver medals of the Polish Rowing Championships."

Wiktor Chabel
Rower, silver medallist of the Senior European Championships in 2017

"It speeds up regeneration and increases the body's exertion capacity."

Maciej Staręga
Cross-country skier, finalist of the World Championships in Lahti in 2017

"The biggest positive is the regenerative effect."

Monika Szczęsna
Runner - sprinter, gold and bronze medallist of the International Students’ Olympics and the European Championships

5 Liters

of oxygen in OXYwatt can

80 - 100 Breaths

from one can of OXYwatt

10% more efficiency

from pure oxygen